To pleasure the eye every day. Desing makes everyday chores a little bit more fun and a little bit more attractive. Smart, durable functions – of course! But we also believe that a new, fun cover for your ironing board has a big impact on job satisfaction. That´s why we continously develop new designs and colours. Our products must fit in an active home, where everything is happening at once. For this reason we have long-standing relationships with carefylly selected designers.


Bitte Stenström designs are well-known in interior design and home décor and have a presence in Swedish homes, on wall paper as well as fabrics. Bitte on her creative process:
“I always start by making a pencil sketch or a gouache and don’t use the computer until the final stages of repeat and colouring. Nature and cities are my biggest sources of inspiration. I have been living in Öland for about a year now, where the atmosphere gives me a peaceful environment to work in.”


Vallila In 2010 we started to cooperate with Finnish Vallila Interior, a family-owned company that was founded in Helsinki in 1935.
The Vallila designs we have in our range have been designed by Tanja Orsjoki.


Mood Studio This year we have further expanded our collection with an exciting and innovative design by
Emily Hedenstedt at Mood Studio.